21 de June de 2018

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4teto Abstrakt

It is an authorial instrumental group very influenced by the various aspects of jazz and Brazilian instrumental music. Igor Bollos (guitar), Ike Loureiro (piano), Thor Moura (bass) and Rafael Abissamra (drums), are inspired by musicians such as John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, Hermeto Pascoal and Zimbo Trio. others.

Mano Unica :

It is formed by: Alberto Villafañez (percussion), Fernando Salvador (guitar), Julio Dreads (percussion), Loreta Colucci (voice), Lourdes Miranda (voice), Pedro Rodrigues (percussion), Pedro Vithor Almeida (sax and flute) and Thor Moura ..

Bolero Freak Band

Renato Leite and Thor Moura (bass), Evandro Ferreira (guitar and guitar) and Abner Paul (drums and percussion) and Daniel Warschauer (Acordeon) reunited in for the first time known around the music, Daniel Lotoy and Renata Versolato create band Bolero Freak. Bolero Freak has as its proposal the mixture of musical styles, joining the diversity existing within the own band that has members with different references


Black Buda Namaste

It is a musical group whose repertoire joins mantras with Brazilian popular music. It emerged in 2010 at the meeting of Sun Vaz with Alexandre Leite and, in the following years, joined them, Thor Moura and Pati Passoni. The current quartet has as an instrumental base the piano, the guitar, bass, percussion and voices, with arrangements of the members themselves. It was created from the need to bring music as an internal development tool through the mantra, which is an instrument for the mind. Its main objective is to share this experience with all.