21 de March de 2018


About US

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Through a new ecosystem inspired by the vision of art and Music as tools of transformation and union of the planet, musicians, listeners, producers, concert halls, record companies, entrepreneurs and enterprising enthusiasts of the Music Industry relate directly in this environment without the need for intermediaries to establish relationships, content productions, generation and exchange of values, contracts, sales, promotion of their creations and the development of their careers.
We are a sociocultural content platform inspired by the appreciation of art, content producers, their empowerment over their work and content, remunerated in a very secure, transparent, efficient and decentralized network that is Blockchain.
Artistic creation is valued with tools and conditions provided for its worldwide circulation, contributing to the formation of the public of independent artists and consequently to the development of their careers.
Sling’s Purpose is to create conditions and tools to empowering and developing the career of independent musicians, valuing and recognizing artistic work by being an  important agent of transformation and union of the planet.