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With an eye on the boom of startups in Brazil, the ‘Estadão’ extends, as of today, the space reserved for innovation coverage and companies in the initial stage, with the new section “i”. On Wednesdays, the newspaper will publish a page dedicated to telling the stories of entrepreneurs and innovators who are changing the logic of various sectors of the economy, from financial to health, with technology.

Na foto, Marcos Ramos, presidente executivo da startup Easy Credito é fotografado em um espaço de coworking na Avenida Angélica

In the photo, Marcos Ramos, chief executive of startup Easy Credito is photographed in a coworking space on Avenida Angelica

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The innovation coverage, however, will not be restricted to the weekly page: the “i” section will permeate the entire Estadão newspaper and portal daily, in a team effort of journalists to follow an ecosystem – made up of entrepreneurs, accelerators, investors and researchers – in constant evolution.

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“Innovation has always been part of the Estadão Group and must be a priority in Brazil’s agenda, in all sectors,” says the director of journalism at Grupo Estado, João Caminoto. “Nothing more natural than offering our audiences an intense and quality coverage on a segment already crucial to our present and future.” According to estimates by the Brazilian Association of Startups (ABStartups), there are at least 10,000 active startups in Brazil – of the total, 4.2 thousand of them are registered by the entity. The number, according to the association, grew almost 70% between 2012 and 2016, which shows the movement of Brazilian entrepreneurs to take new business from paper. In addition to telling the stories of early-stage companies, the “i” section will also advance the major transactions in the industry, such as local and international investment rounds and acquisitions. Another objective is to show how the relationship between startups and large companies has been achieved through collaboration programs and the hosting of these companies in private innovation centers.

Silvio Meira - É professor emérito da UFPE, pesquisador do Instituto Senai de Inovação, fundador e presidente do conselho do Porto Digital

Silvio Meira – Professor emeritus at UFPE, researcher at the Senai Institute of Innovation, founder and chairman of the board of Porto Digital

The giants’ efforts to adapt to new competitors will also be on the agenda in the newspaper, through reports and interviews with executives who are at the forefront of the innovation areas of large corporations across the country.

Maurício Benvenutti - Escritor e mentor, é ex-sócio da XP Investimentos e sócio da plataforma StartSe. Vive atualmente no Vale do Silício, nos EUA

Maurício Benvenutti – Writer and mentor, he is a former partner of XP Investimentos and a partner in the StartSe platform. Currently living in Silicon Valley, USA

Analyze. The new section features a team of columnists who will help analyze the startup ecosystem and anticipate trends.

They will take turns in the same space, always on Wednesdays, bringing to Estadão the main debates about innovation in Brazil and in the world.

Camila Farani - É presidente da butique de investimentos G2 Capital e jurada no programa ‘Shark Tank Brasil’, do canal de TV paga Sony

Camila Farani – President of the investment boutique G2 Capital and sworn in the ‘Shark Tank Brasil’ program of the pay TV channel Sony

They are: Silvio Meira, professor emeritus of the Federal University of Pernambuco, as well as founder and chairman of the board of Porto Digital – the most relevant technological park in the Northeast of Brazil; Manoel Lemos, innovation specialist and partner of venture capital fund Redpoint eVentures; Maurício Benvenutti, partner of the StartSe startups incentive platform; and Camila Farani, president of the investment boutique G2 Capital and one of the pioneer angel investors in Brazil (read more).

Manoel Lemos - Especialista em inovação, é sócio do fundo Redpoint eVentures no Brasil e mentor de entidades, como a Endeavor

Manoel Lemos – Innovation specialist, is a partner in the Redpoint eVentures fund in Brazil and mentor of entities such as Endeavor

In addition to the specific innovation coverage, Estadão will continue with the “Link” section, published daily, which is dedicated to the coverage of the technology sector from the perspective of the consumer. Technology coverage is also present on the “Link” website, which will initially feature reporting on innovation. In the coming months, the “i” section will gain a space also dedicated on the internet.

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